Unit - Linked Guaranteed Products Forum 2015: Insights from Europe, America and Asia

11 - 12 March 2015, London

About The Event

As the insurance industry strives to meet growing market demand for innovative pension solutions, it is crucial that providers stay ahead of regulatory, and industry wide developments in a key area for potential growth, Unit- Linked Guaranteed Products (ULGPs).

This event will offer delegates the opportunity to hear from a number of industry practitioners from a wide variety of backgrounds. Delegates will be invited to consider the latest developments in the regulation and risk management of ULGPs and the market impacts of such developments.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of the broader issues facing those providing unit-linked guarantees
  • Insights on the American and Japanese Variable annuities markets and the lessons which can be taken from there.
  • Awareness of new ULGPs; what they offer to consumers and the risk management implications
  • Ability to apply ICPPI to unit-linked guarantees
  • Knowledge of regulatory expectations for unit-linked guarantees products and how to work in line with these
  • Appreciation of how Equity Indexed Annuities are structured and the benefits and drawbacks of these products


The seminar will be chaired once again by Dr Olga Ruf-Fiedler, Senior Executive Consultant, NEW RE

  • Cornelia Spiegel, Managing Director, Financial Institutions Financing Group, GOLDMAN SACHS
  • Regynald Heurtelou, Vice President, Asset Liability Management Strategies, METLIFE
  • Laurent Bourlard, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, AXA LIFE INVEST
  • Renaud Calliet, Head of Structuring, AXA LIFE INVEST
  • Tobias Gruber, Managing Director, CREDIT SUISSE
  • Fabrizio Miola, Head of Swiss Strategic Hedging, GENERALI PANEUROPE
  • Michael Sharpe, Head of Variable Annuities Division, GENERALI PANEUROPE
  • Eoin Haugh, Variable Annuities Supervision, CENTRAL BANK OF IRELAND
  • Sam Nandi, Principle and Consulting Actuary, MILLIMAN
  • Michael Ege, Head of Hedging, MUNICH RE
  • Professor Michael Dempster, Centre for Financial Research, UNIVERISTY OF CAMBRIDGE 
  • Ward Wu, Product Pricing Manager, MANULIFE JAPAN
  • Gillian Foroughi, UK Actuarial & Advanced Analytics, DELOITTE
  • Renato Di Iorio, Head of CRO Advisory Services, DELOITTE



"Comprehensive analysis of all aspects of VA product design, risk management and regulation"


"Interesting and thought provoking learning and netwoking experience"


"Key insights into new developments in the VA market"


"Open & transparent discussions and insights"


" Very informative - good range of speakers"


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