Non-traditional Life Insurance Products
with Guarantees

From Variable Annuities to CPPI

November 29 & 30, 2017

With low interest rates continuing to put pressure on the insurance sector, providers and consumers alike are looking for ways to make the most of their assets. Non-traditional life insurance products can provide an ideal solution in such an environment, ensuring they are appropriately designed, managed and have adequate risk management measures in place. Providers must also take the wider regulatory and market climate into account when designing and offering such products.

The training course will feature talks from leading practitioners who will be discussing recent industry developments.

Course Highlights

  • Discuss the latest regulatory developments affecting the design and provision of non-traditional life insurance products 
  • Hear from a range of well-regarded industry practitioners 
  • Consider the impact of Solvency II 
  • Assess the impact of longevity on equity based guaranteed products 
  • Opportunity to discuss the most pressing industry issues with speakers and peers 
  • Insight into risk management strategies for non-traditional life insurance products

Who Should Attend

This course is primarily aimed at those working in the insurance industry who are looking to gain enhanced knowledge of non-traditional life insurance products. However, Risk welcomes anyone to whom the training would be of benefit.


Learning Outcomes

  • Awarenessof risk management practices wich can be utilised for the provision of non-traditional life insurance products
  • Comprehensive understanding of the latest regulatory developments
  • Insight into the impact of Solvency II on equity based guarantee products 
  • Knowledge of modelling long term capital markets risks inherent in equity based guarantee products
  • Understanding the process of bringing a product from design to market
  • Assess the impact of policyholders behaviour and associated risks


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