Variable Annuities

About The Event

Variable annuities remain a uniquely complex derivative and during increasingly volatile times it is necessary for those working within the industry to remain well-informed about the current developments in this challenging market. This two day event is delivered by expert speakers and experienced insurance-sector facing practitioners. By attending this event, practitioners will be provided with the skills to fully integrate a risk management focus into product design, whilst also considering wider regulatory issues that are indicating the need for new approaches to variable annuities.


Learning Outcomes

  • Overview of the global markets landscape for VA development
  • A clear understanding of the impact of Solvency II capital requirement on the VA book
  • Overview of significant regulatory challenges
  • Reviewing sources of risk including market risk and hedging
  • Best-practice approach to sustainable product design
  • Gain experience in incorporating risk management into product design


The seminar will be chaired once again by Dr Olga Ruf-Fiedler, Senior Executive Consultant, NEW RE

  • Cornelia Spiegel, Managing Director, Financial Institutions Financing Group, GOLDMAN SACHS
  • Andy Rallis, SVP and Global Chief Actuary, METLIFE
  • Michael Winkler, Head of Life Department, NEW RE 
  • Laurent Bourlard, Chief Executive Officer, AXA HEDGING SERVICES
  • Tobias Gruber, Managing Director, CREDIT SUISSE
  • Neil Dissanayake, Senior Risk Manager and Trader, MILLIMAN
  • Rory Wallace, Hedging Analytics Manager, GENERALI PANEUROPE
  • Fabrizio Miola, Head of Swiss Strategic Hedging, GENERALI PANEUROPE
  • Colm Kelly, Senior Actuary, Variable Annuities Supervision Team, CENTRAL BANK OF IRELAND
  • Prof. Michael Dempster, Centre for Financial Research, UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE
  • Renaud Caillet, Head of Structuring Europe, AXA HEDGING SERVICES


"A valuable update of current views in the European VA Industry"


"Interesting and thought provoking learning and netwoking experience"


"Key insights into new developments in the VA market"


"Open & transparent discussions and insights"


" Very informative - good range of speakers"


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