Unit-Linked Guaranteed
Products Forum 2016

Insights from Europe, the USA and Japan

9-10 March, London

About The Event

Insurance Risk are pleased to host the annual Unit Linked Guaranteed Products Forum 2016. Our highly regarded event will take place in London on the 9-10 March.

The Forum will feature talks from leading practitioners who will be discussing recent industry developments along with the latest research being carried out in the area. As in previous years the event will provide opportunity for discussion and debate in a close and professional environment. Speakers from Europe, the US and Asia will provide a rounded perspective on the global industry.

Confirmed Speakers;

  • Forum Chairperson: Dr Olga Ruf Fiedler, Subject Matter Expert and Former Senior Consultant, New Re (SWITZERLAND)
  • Toshihiro Kawano, Chief Actuary, AEGON SONY LIFE INSURANCE CO. (JAPAN)
  • Mark O'Dea, Manager, Insurance Supervision Division, CENTRAL BANK OF IRELAND (IRELAND)
  • Tobias Gruber, Managing Director, CREDIT SUISSE (UK)
  • Cornelia Spiegel, Managing Director, Insurance Risk and Capital Management Solutions, GOLDMAN SACHS (USA)
  • Matthias Schneider, Chief Risk Officer,  LIFE ZURICH GROUP GERMANY (GERMANY)
  • Professor Michael Dempster, Centre for Financial Research, UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE & CAMBRIDGE SYSTEMS ASSOCIATES (UK)
  • Dr Philipp Keller, Partner, DELOITTE (SWITZERLAND)
  • Denys Semagin, Front Office Analytics and Infrastructure Manager, NN RE (THE NETHERLANDS)
  • Sam Nandi, Principle and Consulting Actuary, MILLIMAN (USA)
  • Laurent Bourlard, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, AXA LIFE INVEST (FRANCE)
  • Michael Koller, Group Risk Director, PRUDENTIAL PLC (UK)

Topics Include:

  • Regulatory changes relating to the design and provision of Unit Linked Guaranteed Products; Solvency II
  • Longevity risk management
  • Developments in the Unit Linked Guaranteed Products Market in Europe, America and Asia
  • Hedging strategies for ULGPs
  • Innovation in product design; adapting to customer needs
  • Risk Management practices

Who Should Attend:

The Forum should be of interest to anyone who is looking to gain more knowledge of Unit -Linked Guaranteed products. Those working under the following titles may find the event particularly relevant:

  • Risk Manager / Analyst / Officer
  • Compliance Officer
  • Actuary
  • Product Specialist
  • Product Director
  • Derivatives Structurer
  • Treasurer
  • Hedging Analyst
  • Liability Manager
  • Solutions Manager


Learning Outcomes

  • Comprehensive understanding of the latest regulatory and industry developments in the ULGP market including the impact of Solvency II.
  • Appreciation of developments across the European, American and Japanese markets.
  • Awareness of the risk management practices which can be utilised in the provision of ULGP products.
  • Understanding of how to apply iCPPI for Variable Annuity products.
  • Knowledge of how to go about establishing and managing a hedging platform for Variable Annuity Products.


"A comprehensive and interesting Forum which covered all aspects of Unit Linked Guaranteed Products"

"Comprehensive analysis of all aspects of VA product design, risk management and regulation"

"A broad and varied insight in to current and expected trends in the ULG space from around the world"

"Interesting and thought provoking learning and netwoking experience"

"Key insights into new developments in the VA market"

"Open & transparent discussions and insights"

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