Trade Surveillance & Market Compliance for Energy Trading Organizations
Houston, 18-19 October

In this Energy Risk seminar brought to you following incredible feedback from our European counterparts, day one will look at the current state of trade surveillance and market compliance. Attendees will discuss what trade surveillance is and the tools of the trade before hearing a case study on trade surveillance integration.

Day two will focus on the models and technology that will ensure your system works for your needs as there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Sessions will include a talk on data quality and management to examine the right information is being collected as well as scenario and pattern detection. Following on from lunch, we will discuss operational efficiency and how this can be used as a tool for business insight before concluding with a session on optimizing your systems.

Who Should Attend:

  • The course sets out to help and develop professionals working in the energy industry that engage with their company's trade surveillance and energy trading risk management. The compliance function, governance individuals, IT personnel and traders could find this particularly useful. However, EnergyRisk welcomes any individual with an interest in the course material.

Learning Outcomes:

  • How the need and demand for trade surveillance is evolving in the current state
  • Discuss the tools of surveillance required based on the needs of your firm
  • Learn tips on best procedures for trade surveillance integration
  • Review how to correctly collect and use your data and the compliance issues surrounding it 
  • Scenario test in order to detect patterns and map correlations


Event Highlights:

  • The Current State of Trade Surveillance & Market Compliance
  • What is Trade Surveillance? 
  • Tools of the Trade 
  • Case Study: Considerations for Building a Trade Monitoring Program
  • Data and the Wash. Rinse. Repeat
  • Operational Efficiency and Tools for Business Insight

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Tom Lord, President, Dynamic Commodity Management
  • Paul Tramonte, Executive Director, CIB Compliance, Commodities, J.P. Morgan
  • Jeff Lam, Chief Compliance Officer, Powerex Corp.
  • Shaun Ledgerwood, Principal, The Brattle Group
  • Frank Hayden, Vice President, Trading Compliance, Calpine
  • Phil Roan & Davis Edwards, Deloitte

Energy Risk Training Testimonials:

Edison Trading - "Very knowledgeable speakers with first hand practical experience in the analysis of the impact and the implementation of the regulation."

Monsson Trading - "A very useful presentation which cleared up some still unclear matters in the field."

CGI - "Very comprehensive, it touched a number of very valid points about the inconsistencies of the current and new regulations."

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