London, 29-30 September 2015

Course Highlights:

  • Appreciation of regulatory expectations regarding ORSA
  • Understanding of Pillar 3 reporting
  • Knowledge of the Quantitative and Qualitative aspects of the RSR and SFCR Reports
  • Insight on the convergences between Solvency II reporting and IFRS 4 Phase II
  • Awareness of data requirements associated with Pillar 3 reporting

Who Should Attend:

The course may be of particular benefit to those working under the following job titles within insurers;

  • Solvency II Manager
  • ORSA Manager
  • Compliance
  • Regulatory Analyst
  • Actuary
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Reinsurance
  • Financial Controller
  • Product Manager


Key course topics:

Day 1:

  • Introduction to ORSA and review of regulatory requirements
  • Embedding and using the ORSA
  • Role of the management body
  • ORSA culture
  • Assessment of the risk profile
  • ORSA's forward-looking components
  • ORSA as an international requirement

Day 2:

  • Overview of Pillar 3 Regulation
  • Quantitative Reporting Templates
  • RSR and SFCR Reports: Quantitative and Qualitative Aspects
  • Solvency II and IFRS 4 Phase II
  • Solvency II Data Requirements

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About the Course

With the implementation of Solvency II fast approaching the Insurance Industry has made steady progress towards compliance, however many industry surveys suggest that Insurers are least prepared when it comes to ORSA and Pillar 3 Reporting.

The lack of prescriptive guidance on ORSA has led to many questions surrounding what exactly should be included in the report, and how long and detailed it should be. Pillar 3 reporting requires firms to upgrade their data governance capabilities and implement a number of new processes, all of which require considerable time, and monetary investment.

This two day course will provide attendees with detailed guidance on ORSA and Pillar 3 reporting; assessing regulatory expectations and Industry readiness for the associated requirements. The course will benefit all those who are working to implement these aspects of Solvency II within their institution for the January 2016 deadline.

Course Tutors:

Anton Seidel, Head of Group Wide ORSA Implementation, Vice President SWISS RE

Cynthia Angus, Solvency II Technical Manager, AIG

Craig Taylor, Independent Solvency II Consultant CHANGE WAVES

Paul Klumpes, Professor of Finance and Accounting, NOTTINGHAM TRENT UNIVERSITY

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