Dennis Bennett


Model Risk Managers International Association

CEO at Model Risk Manager's International Association (MRMIA) https://www.mrmia.org

Model Risk Managers’ International Association (MRMIA.ORG). This is the global organization for the Model Risk Managment profession. The goal of MRMIA is to promote Model Risk Managment as an independent profession within the banking, finance, consulting and technology industries. MRMIA will provide knowledge-sharing, education, and certification of model risk managers. MRMIA is incorporated in Delaware, USA as a Non-Profit Corporation.

Linked in group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8668461/ 

Joseph Breeden


Prescient Models LLC

Harish Sharma

Managing Director, Model Risk Officer, Consumer & GWIM

Bank of America

David Asermely

Senior Product Manager, Model Risk Management


David Asermely is a Senior Product Manager at SAS who drives its industry-leading Model Risk Management solution roadmap. He is passionate about translating data into actionable intelligence, and he focuses on combining the best technologies and design principles to improve modeling efficiency and quality. Prior to joining SAS, David managed the Bank of New York Mellon’s Global Performance and Risk Analytics product set.

Jing Zou

Managing Director, Model Risk Management

Royal Bank of Canada