Non-financial Risk Management London

This two day training course will provide delegates with best practice approaches to building frameworks for NFR and ERM, a detailed look at creating and establishing a risk taxonomy and also cover new and emerging areas of non-financial risk.


Non-Financial Risk Management

London, 13-14 March 2019

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Risk’s two day Non-Financial Risk Management training will delve into approaches to building frameworks for enterprise risk and non-financial risk along with sessions in important aspects of what these frameworks will need to consider such as third party vendor risk, cyber and IT risk and business continuity with links to operational resilience.

What will you learn?
  • Best practice approaches to non- financial risk governance including an overview of regulators expectations and differences across industries including banking, asset management and insurance
  • How to create and manage effective NFR and ERM frameworks
  • Steps to establishing a risk taxonomy and how to integrate across the lines of defence
  • How to strengthen business continuity planning within your organisation and how existing op risk frameworks can be utilised for managing resilience risk
  • Approaches to third-party vendor risk management
  • The impacts of AI and machine learning on reputation and how to maintain resilience through increasingly complex IT systems
Who should attend?

This course is aimed at delegates from a wide range of sectors including: asset management, insurance and banking.

Relevant job titles may include but are not limited to:

  • Operational risk
  • Compliance
  • The third line of defence
  • Business resilience
  • Operational resilience
  • Non-financial risk
  • Third party risk
  • Enterprise risk
  • Conduct risk
  • Internal audit
  • Regulation
Course highlights
  • Non financial risk governance
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Creating and implementing a NFR framework
  • Risk taxonomy
  • Business continuity & operational resilience
  • Third-party vendor risk management
  • Cyber security and technology risk
  • Conduct risk and risk culture

Amba Hotel

Charing Cross,

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