About the Course


About the Course

With immense pools of data and abundance of cheap and powerful computing capacity, artificial intelligence is embedding itself across all industries and business.

Capital markets has not been an exception to the trend, we have witnessed a growing interest in machine learning applications across all financial institutions and divisions.

Machine learning tools and methodologies were often perceived as another buzzword, "the black box" with no clear applications. However, companies have started to see the potential for this to become a real game-changer, offering an opportunity to significantly improve the bottom line for those who chose to adopt and nurture these tools.

This two day training course will provide delegates with an in-depth understanding of machine learning applications. This course will be a technical look at machine learning and provide suggestions and strategies for integrating it within your organization.

The multi-tutor format will provide attendees with an understanding of key theory, models, and more advanced tools in machine learning solutions through a quantitative approach that will also consider portfolio construction, trading, risk management and other business areas.