Risk Management for the Modern Insurance Company

Chicago, 18 & 19 November 2013

This seminar will address the key risk management issues and drivers tailored to the needs of insurance companies. Domestic and international case studies from the insurance industry will be an area of focus to provide attendees with practical tools and techniques to manage risk within their insurance firm.

For a copy of the draft programme please contact Adriana Lobo via [email protected]

Sessions include:

  • Lessons Learned in the Insurance Sector
  • Risk Management within Insurance Companies
  • Insurance Products with Embedded Derivatives
  • Traditional Financial Derivatives Used by Insurance Companies
  • Insurance Related Derivatives
  • Insurance Capital Market Solutions
  • Future Outlook for Insurance Companies

Course Tutor

Mayra Rodríguez Valladares, Consultant, MRV Associates 

Our tutor is leading expert who specializes in training and consulting solutions for risk management, financial derivatives, capital markets, foreign exchange, Basel II, energy markets, and corporate finance. As head of her consulting firm, MRV Associates, her financial experience covers both financial and energy derivative instruments.

She has worked with regulators at the Fed, OCC, OTS, New York State Banking Department, SEC, and numerous foreign central banks. She has also worked extensively with private sector and foreign central banks and with insurance and reinsurance companies worldwide, creating and delivering courses on risk management, risk-based supervision, capital markets, derivatives, microfinance, anticorruption, and good governance.

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