Transitioning from IBOR to Risk Free Rates New York

Learn about the effect IBOR ending is going to have on the industry and how the market will deal with the transition to risk free rates.


Transitioning from IBOR to Risk Free Rates

New York, 26 - 27 June 2019
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This course will teach you how to deal with the implications of the transition to risk free rates on cash products, the treasury and operations functions and derivatives market.

Learning Objectives
  • Differences between IBOR and RFR's and the coordination globally 
  • The different benchmark options
  • Planning for the transition
  • How the derivatives market is affected and the legal implications 
  • How the business functions adapt to the transition 
  • Implications a move to risk free rates has on accounting practices

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Who Should Attend?
  • Financial markets
  • Counterparties
  • Risk managers
  • Market infrastructure and policy 
  • IBOR transition
  • Benchmark and control

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Course Highlights
  • Overview of IBOR to risk free rates and benchmark options

  • How to deal with the transition – case study

  • How do the operations function adapt?

  • Accounting implications

  • Impact on risk management and risk control

  • The technology impacts and operating model challenges

  • Obligations in the derivatives and cash market

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