Risk is now pleased to be hosting the Funds Transfer Pricing training course which will provide an ideal platform for discussion and learning.

The first day of the course will be delivered by David Green, Managing Director, The Exequor Group. His sessions will explain the purpose of FTP, funding curves, how to calculate FTP rates and spreads as well as Risk and Profitability Management.

The second day will focus in the different areas on which funds transfer pricing has an impact on. The course will cover topics such as managing and optimising your balance sheet; applying the funding cost to the business; funding policies and a discussion on FTP from different perspectives such as Liquidity, ALM and Accounting.

Event Highlights:

  • The purpose of FTP
  • Funding Curves
  • Calculating FTP rates and spreads
  • Risk and Profitability Management
  • Optimising your balance sheet
  • Applying the funding cost to the business
  • Analysis of the different funding policies affecting FTP
  • Discussion on FTP from different perspectives

Who Should Attend:

  • The course is aimed at those working in Liquidity, Treasury and Asset/Liability management within banks and other financial institutions wanting to develop a greater understanding of Funds Transfer Pricing.

    However, the event is public and Risk welcomes any individual with an interest in the course material.


Learning Outcomes

  • An overview of FTP functionalities and contributions
  • Ability to observe the funding curves and how to effectively calculate FTP rates and spreads
  • Comprehensive look at the risk and profitability management side to FTP and how it applies to your role
  • Managing and optimising your balance sheet
  • Understanding FTP's role in the funding cost of the business and funding policies

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Q2 Training 2016
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