Capital Requirements: CRD IV to CRD V

6 & 7 December 2017, London

CRD IV is now in full implementation mode with organisations discovering the implications and difficulties of executing the directive, while discussion is growing around the introduction of CRD V. 

This training course is designed to help financial institutions get to grips with these complex prudential rules and which aspects of the directive are likely to afffect their organisations in the future. 

Course Highlights

  • Capital requirements and capital buffers
  • How to reduce leverage
  • How counterparty credit risk is affected by CRD IV
  • Understanding corporate governance framwork and reporting requirements - COREP and FINREP
  • FRTB in relation to CRD IV and how it is affected by operational and market risk 
  • Understanding the proposal of CRD V & CRR II 

Who Should Attend

This course is primarily aimed at those working in liquidity and counterparty credit risk roles within the financial industry however Risk welcomes anyone who would benefit from this training.


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the diffferent capital buffers and how each one is applied and calculated 
  • An insight into how banks can stay competitive with these large capital requirements 
  • Understand the market and operational implication of full CRD IV implementation
  • To understand how CRD IV is applicable to your organisation 
  • Recognise how CRD IV affects counterparty credit risk
  • Develop a sound corporate governance framework through new transparency and remuneration rules

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