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Counterparty credit risk has steadily become one of the most important risks for banks and other financial institutions to understand and quantify.

There have been a number of regulatory and market developments imposed by supervisory institutions designed to ensure financial stability and fundamentally changed the way in which counterparty credit risk is managed, and there are many others still to be adopted including the Standardised Approach to Counterparty Credit Risk (SA-CCR), published by the Basel Committee in March 2014. Furthermore, amid the increasing use of central counterparties (CCPs) for over-the-counter derivatives, major dealers have adopted different approaches to adjusting the value of cleared trades to account for counterparty credit risk.

In response to this rapidly changing regulatory environment, Risk is delighted to present this two day training course focused on approaches to managing counterparty credit risk. This intensive and practical course covers all key aspects of counterparty credit risk, and develops models and methodologies for its quantification.

This course will provide attendees with an in depth understanding of existing capital requirements under Basel III and CRD IV for cleared and non-cleared OTC transactions and the incoming changes in the regulatory landscape. Session will also cover stress testing techniques and how to calculate collateral for counterparty risk exposures. The course will be delivered by expert counterparty risk managers and specialists from leading financial institutions.


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