Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

Whole day delivered by:
Bob Bonomo, CEO Blockchain Innovation Group, LLC

8.00 Welcome and Registration

8.30 Understanding Blockchain

  • What is Blockchain? Definition and features
  • Origins of Blockchain - bitcoin and digital currencies
  • How a blockchain works: Consensus, Mining, Cryptography and more
  • How Blockchain consensus is different: Byzantine Generals problem
  • Other Blockchains: Ethereumm, Factom; how are they different?
  • Compare existing distributed databases with blockchain
  • Proof of Work and Other Methods
  • Limitations of blockchain: Speed, Cost, Latency, Storage
  • Public vs private blockchains

10.00 Coffee Break

10.30 Preparing your firm for Blockchain

  • Evaluating Blockchain Technology
  • Blockchain Use Case Examples
  • Colored Coins and "Asset Backed" Coins
  • Decentralized Applications and "Smart" Contracts
  • Barriers to Blockchain Adoption
  • Industry Collaboration

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Risk and Regulation

  • Who regulates it?
  • Currently regulatory landscape
  • Regulatory challenges and future frameworks
  • Blockchain as a tool for regulatory compliance
  • Future regulatory challenges

14.30 Coffee Break

15.00 Blockchain and financial markets in the future PANEL DISCUSSION

  • Public vs private Blockchains
  • Sidechains and interoperability
  • Use cases now and in future
  • Blockchain and permissionless commerce
  • "Blockchain as a Service"; Consortia and other platforms
  • Smart Contracts

Moderator: Bob Bonomo, CEO, Blockchain Innovation Group, LLC

Panelists: Elliot Noma, Managing Director, Garrett Asset Management
Kieren James-Lubin, Co-Founder, CPO, BlockApps
Paul Dowding, MD, Blockchain Solutions Lead, Gartland and Mellina Group

16.30 End of Training

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